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Award Sponsorship Information

Thank you for your interest in sponsoring an award for the next IPMS/USA National Convention Contest. 2020 Nats Team Texas is excited and proud to be hosting our Society in San Marcos, Texas this summer. We have some awards packages in the works that are very “uniquely Texas”, and hope y’all will bring your best stuff to compete for them.

Here are some policies that that we have implemented, and some things that have been sent to us by the National Contest Committee, to administrate and streamline the awards sponsorship process:


IPMS/USA sponsors (and pays for) the following awards:

Category and Best-of-Class Awards

Category awards are the first, second and third place awards that are presented to the respective places in each category by the judging teams. There are about 200 sets of category awards that the 2020 Nats team is seeking sponsorships for. They are the silver “mini-buckles” pictured below. If you or your chapter wish to sponsor a category for $88 click on this link which takes you to the IPMS/USA webstore for the 2020 convention. Be sure to fill in your choice of category as well as one or two back-ups incase your first choice is taken. A list of claimed categories can be viewed here.

Category Award

Class awards are the “Best of” awards that are given to the respective best entry from each class (Juniors, Aircraft, Military Vehicles, etc.) chosen from the first place category winners by the judging teams. These will be custom-made, significantly larger actual buckles. They will look like the “Best Aircraft” sample pictured below:

Class Award

IPMS Chapters and individual members, Model Clubs, Vendors, industry firms, etc. may, and are encouraged to sponsor individual category awards. Sponsorships of individual categories are noted during the slide show at the awards banquet.

In addition, we are specifically seeking corporate sponsorships for each class (Juniors, Aircraft, Military Vehicles, etc.) to help balance the awards costs. For example, an airline carrier or maybe a modeling industry distributor elects to sponsor the Aircraft Class awards. The Aircraft Class categories and the “Best Aircraft” award would be sponsored by “XYZ Airlines” or “Eagle Products”, and so noted on the awards, and in all publically available Nats 2020 media. Similarly, a model manufacturer or aftermarket producer might choose to sponsor the Automotive Class awards, with the same benefits.

The intent is that the corporate sponsors would help pick up the cost of categories that are not chosen for sponsorship by individuals or other organizations, in addition to having their branding on the “Best of” award and in advertising media.

For detailed pricing of the Best of Class sponsorships please check out this link. If you are interested in sponsoring a class please reach out to our Awards Coordinator, Rob Booth.

Theme Award: The Six Flags Over Texas
Flag of Spain Flag of France Flag of Mexico Flag of CSA Flag of Texas Flag of USA

"Six Flags Over Texas"is the slogan used to describe the six nations that have held sovereignty over some or all of the current territory of the U.S. state of Texas:

To commemorate the rich history of Texas the 2020 IPMS/USA National Convention will offer theme awards for each of the six flags that flew over our state. In order to be eligible to compete for these theme awards a model must have the flag of the corresponding nation located or incorporated somewhere on the model (painted, decal, etc). This excludes identification markings and national insignia such as roundels or the actual words written on the model (i.e. “U.S.A.”)…it must be the national flag. The theme judges will consider the inclusion of the flag as a central part of the overall composition of the model’s subject. i.e. a charging soldier figure carrying a national flag would be more highly considered than a car sporting a national flag bumper sticker as the only basis for consideration.

The national flag of any era will be eligible, not just the current flag in the year 2020. For example, a US flag with 48 stars (or less) is eligible just as much as a current US flag with 50 stars. The same applies to the flags of the others nations/republic: the current flag of Spain is just as eligible as the one flown in 1519. Theme Award judges have sole discretion as to consideration of/for any given entry, and their decision is final.

A Theme Award will be presented at the 2020 National Convention awards banquet for each of the six flags described above.

Theme Award

Individually Sponsored Awards

Individuals or firms sponsoring at one set of category awards may provide an individually sponsored award. These awards are the sole responsibility of the sponsor. They may select any model from among the entries they feel is most deserving of their award. The name or description of the award must not contain the word “Best”.

The choice and significance of the “best” entries is reserved for those awards presented to entries evaluated by the IPMS Contest judges according to IPMS contest judging rules. For example: an ISA called the “Fred Smith Memorial ‘Bulldog’ Award” might be presented to a subject the individual feels best represents that theme for a particular United States Marine Corps subject. The award’s description and/or selection requirements should describe the subject that most closely represents the spirit of sponsor’s theme intent, rather than to signify it is the “Best USMC, Army, Royal Air Force, etc. … Subject”. Conversely, an ISA intended for the “Best USMC” subject would imply that it be awarded to the USMC subject that was placed highest by the contest judges.

ISA’s will be announced at the awards ceremony as a courtesy to the sponsors. Sponsors may present their awards at the ceremony or place them next to their choice in the contest room, at their discretion. Presentation at the awards ceremony is limited to the first ten paid sponsors with announced ISAs.

IPMS Canada!

IPMS Canada Award

IPMS Canada is sponsoring and judging the IPMS Canada Award at the IPMS USA 2020 National Convention in San Marcos, Texas.

To qualify for the award, your entry has to be identifiably and distinctly Canadian in its markings and function or usage.

Canadian Armed Forces, Royal Canadian Air Force, Royal Canadian Navy, Canadian Army and Canadian Coast Guard subjects would obviously qualify.

Some other ‘Yes’ examples would be:

Some ‘Sorry, but no’ examples would be:

Phil Brandt

The Road Less Traveled: The Phil "Bondo" Brandt Memorial Award

Any aircraft model of an obscure, unusual subject, or built with a most difficult, less than mainstream kit.

Phil "Bondo" Brandt, was a well known figure in the Central Texas modeling community. Many others knew him from his posts and articles on rec.model.scale and Hyperscale, writing his missives from his desk at Bondo Industries' Difficult Kit Division. He had a preference for difficult, unloved aircraft kits - typically vacuform or an extreme kit-bash, with a lot of scratchbuilding thrown in for good measure - of obscure subjects left to the footnotes of history. Sadly, Bondo flew West in November of 2012. So, in the spirit of the Difficult Kit Division of Bondo Industries, The Road Less Traveled is an award for the modeler who builds an obscure aircraft subject using the most difficult means available. It would be a model Phil would pick out himself from The Road Less Traveled.


400th Anniversary of the Mayflower

Sponsored by: Society of Mayflower Descendants in the State of Arizona.

400 years ago, a brave group of 102 men, women and children sailed across the Atlantic on the Mayflower, searching for a life of religious and civic freedom. These Pilgrims arrived in Plymouth, Massachusetts, on December 26, 1620. This award will be presented to the model most clearly depicting some aspect of this event, which could be a figure, diorama, ship, etc. as appropriate.

Judging: Judging will be done by members and friends of the Phoenix Chapter of IPMS, headed by Mike Mackowski, a former head class judge at the National Contest.